What to pack for your trip to Vegas

Packing may seem like a tough ask when planning a trip. Considering the weather, season, or even the event, packing is the last thing anyone would like to do. Luckily for you, we at Miracle Mile Shops are happy to guide you on what to pack for Vegas.

Here’s What To Pack For Vegas Trip

Regardless of the season, Las Vegas is known for its warmer temperatures and bright sun. Adding sunglasses to your list of what to pack for Vegas should be high on the priority list.  Forgot your shades? Sunglass Hut, inside Miracle Mile Shops, has you covered with high fashion frames for both men and women to fit anyone’s style. All the way from Australia, Quay, is one of the leading sunglass retailers at Miracle Mile Shops. Whatever style for whatever the occasion, these sunglass stores are here to supply you with all the assistance you may need in choosing the best style for you.

Bathing suits are a must-have while visiting Las Vegas. Known for its renowned pools around the Strip, Las Vegas pool parties are a must while visiting the city. Miracle Mile Shops has a fantastic variety of stores that has the perfect bathing suit waiting for you. Men or women, the perfect bathing suit is just a few steps away. Billabong, located inside the mall, has a wide selection of swimwear along with the latest selection of cover-ups and accessories. Along with Billabong, Quicksilver has everything that you need to take your swimwear to the next level.

Having a hat handy while visiting Las Vegas is extremely important. When thinking of things to pack for Vegas, you’ll be thanking yourself when your hat is saving you from sunburn while laying out relaxing. Located inside the Miracle Mile Shops, Hattitude, applauds those who dare to be different. Unique styles of all kinds can be found to match you perfectly. Whether you choose a stylish fedora or decide to create your own, Hattitude is the ideal location for finding the perfect hat while in Las Vegas.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your ID with you in Vegas. There are endless 21+ activities available, but without any kind of identification, you may find it difficult to participate in many of these. If carrying your ID around with you seems like too much of a hassle, feel free to visit the wide array of stores that provide the latest accessories like wallets and handbags to store your ID while on vacation. Always be sure to check for your ID before leaving the house, because it should be the number one item on your list of things to pack for Vegas!

Having a bag with you is always beneficial when cruising the strip. No matter the size, having a handbag, purse, or backpack is always important for protecting and storing your personal items. If you find yourself in search of a new bag that you’d like to carry while you journey through the Las Vegas Strip, there are plenty of stores within Miracle Mile Shops that can provide you with any style bag like Francesca’s, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Lilyful.

In Las Vegas, especially during the summer, expect it to be exceptionally warm! When thinking of what to pack for Vegas, bringing your refillable water bottle is very important. Staying hydrated while you venture through Las Vegas is a priority. At Tervis, quench your thirst with a wide selection of water bottles and accessories to keep your drinks cool while you’re in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has one-of-a-kind shows, concerts, and entertainment for all to come and experience. Whether it may be enjoying a night out at the V Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops, or others around Las Vegas, you must never forget to bring your dress shoes or heels. Decided on a last-minute show during your trip and realized you only brought your sandals? At Miracle Mile Shops, guests can choose from the wide selection of stores with designer dress shoes or heels of any style for both men and women. Be sure to stop at Aldo, H&M, or Steve Madden.

Traveling for a Raider game? Las Vegas has recently become the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Raiders, those who have already had the opportunity to catch a game at one of the newest and most electric stadiums cannot deny the thrill of watching the Raiders score a touchdown late in the 4th quarter. For those who seem to have recently converted into the Raider culture and are in search of the Raiders’ newest threads, the Raider Image store, located within the Miracle Mile Shops has everything Raiders you may need to make gameday at Allegiant most memorable.

Always make sure to pack your appetite when visiting Las Vegas. When it comes to dining on the Las Vegas Strip, there are many wonderful restaurants with flavors from around the world. At Miracle Mile Shops, choose from a bundle of delicious restaurants such as Cabo Wabo Cantina, the newly opened GEN Korean BBQ, and Hot and Juicy Crawfish.

Considering walking the entire Las Vegas Strip?  It’s about 4.2 miles, so when thinking of what to pack for Vegas, walking shoes should be at the top of the list. If you find yourself in search of some new walking shoes, stop by the Miracle Mile Shops and discover the wide variety of stores offering the hottest and latest sneakers. Whether you’re in the mood for a more sporty athletic shoe, you can visit Champs and Footlocker or if you are in the search of a more casual shoe, you can visit stores such as Aldo and Steve Madden.

Sometimes, life gets ahead of you, especially when trying to gather all the items needed to make your trip to Las Vegas most memorable. When trying to rush out the door out of sheer excitement in anticipation of your Las Vegas visit, forgetting the small things tends to happen more than it should. Adding items like comfy jeans, shorts, and casual tee shirts is important. Making sure you have these items will ensure your Vegas trip is an enjoyable one.  We here at Miracle Mile Shops are prepared for any wardrobe need. Visit stores like lululemon, Tommy Bahama, and H&M for the latest in comfortability and style.

As you’re packing for your trip to Las Vegas, don’t forget to leave space in your bag for special Las Vegas mementos and knickknacks. Looking for one place to find all your Las Vegas gifts for friends back home? Be sure to visit the Welcome to Las Vegas Gift Shop inside Miracle Mile Shops. When you see a replica of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign right out front, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Be sure to stock up on any gifts regarding Las Vegas for men, women, and kids along with all your Las Vegas necessities.

As you begin writing your list of what to pack for Vegas, we hope our guide of what to pack for your trip to Vegas helps you have a fantastic visit to Las Vegas!

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