In Las Vegas, even shopping malls have their share of entertainment. Magic shows in Las Vegas just keep getting better! Hypnosis, Motown, and Zombies doing Burlesque are all part of the excitement you can expect at Miracle Mile Shops.

Worthy of an outpouring of praise from critics and visitors alike, come get your fix of fun, every night of the week.

Live Shows in Las Vegas


Bakkt Theater

Carpenters Legacy

Carpenters Legacy


Eddie Griffin: Live and Unleashed!


Lioz Master of Delusion

Las Vegas live comedy club

Live Comedy Shows In Las Vegas

MMS Lost City Show_Patrick Gray, Kabik Photo Group

Lost City Show (FREE)

Money Madness logo

Money Madness

Piano Man- x 1024

Piano Man

Popovich Comedy show poster

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

MMS Rain Show 2_Patrick Gray, Kabik Photo Group (1)

Rain Show (FREE)

Copy of Copy of Logo - Vertical Lockup

Sandbox VR

Saxe theater location at Miracle Mile Shops

Saxe Theater

Stripper 101 poster

Stripper 101 Pole Dancing Parties


THE JETS 80’s and 90’s Experience!


When it comes to entertainment in Las Vegas, Miracle Mile Shops is proud to host some of the most renowned and memorable live shows in Las Vegas. Our extensive indoor space has access to 3 separate venues, including Bakkt Theater, with a capacity of 7,000 attendees. Vegas shows often run every night of the week, and entertainment options at Miracle Mile Shops is no different, so check out the available options below and make your reservation! 

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