What To Wear At Vegas Pool Party

If you’re feeling unsure about what to wear at a Vegas pool party, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Going to a pool party in your hometown is easy. You simply put on your favorite swimsuit with an old t-shirt and raggedy shorts and go to your friend’s house. Pool parties in Vegas, however, are a whole different ball game. You’re likely going to be attending a party where the champagne is flowing and the people are hot, and venues plan on everyone looking their best. Because of this, most venues have strict dress codes that they will enforce. Read on to learn the Do’s and Don’t’s of a Las Vegas pool party outfit.

Las Vegas Pool Party Outfit Accessories

Do: Remember the importance of simplicity, as it forms the fundamental basis of the Las Vegas pool party dress code.

Most people go to a pool party with the intention of swimming or at least getting in the water, and you should wear pieces that facilitate you having fun. Try hitting up the Swarovski store before going to your party to get some simple stud earrings and the Sunglass Hut for some cool shades to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Don’t: Wear everything you brought.

A lot of women wear every piece of jewelry they own to a Vegas pool party only to discover that they can’t enjoy the pool or they’re uncomfortable. Belly chains, layered necklaces, and large earrings may make you look like you just stepped out of a magazine, but you’re not likely to love the feeling after a couple of hours in the sun.


Don’t: Wear stilettos, cheap flip-flops, or tennis shoes.

Most venues will have a dress code, and many do not want stilettos scuffing up their floors. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting turned down at a venue because you’re not dressed correctly, so take the time to pick the right shoes for the occasion and avoid embarrassment.

Do: Wear wedges or strappy sandals.

While it may feel like your shoe collection is off-limits, you can get in with a quality pair of sandals or some wedges to show off your toned legs. Didn’t pack accordingly? Stop on by to Steve Madden to find the right shoes for your party.


Don’t: Wear old swimsuits, string bikinis/one pieces, or pasties.

Let’s start with the first one: you are in Vegas! Don’t wear something that looks like it had its best days a decade ago! Invest in a quality suit to ensure you look your best while strutting by the pool. On string bikinis and one-pieces as well as pasties, know that some venues will let you in with these cute pool party outfits, but many will not. Vegas definitely loves hosting sexy outfits, but venue owners don’t want a wardrobe malfunction to happen either. If you really want to wear a certain bikini, contact the venue beforehand to ask about their dress code and ensure you’re not going to be kicked out of the party for wearing it.

Do: Wear something that is fun, fresh, flirty, and comfortable.

There are an assortment of suits at Billabong and Quicksilver that definitely allow you to take the plunge and wear something daring while still respecting pool party dress codes. The main thing to remember is that you want to feel comfortable wearing your suit. Far too often women will wear suits they simply don’t feel comfortable in, leading to a noticeable lack of confidence. Remember, nothing is sexier than confidence, so take the time to invest in a suit that you love. 

Cover Ups

Don’t: Just show up in your bikini.

Here’s the thing, most places will require you to walk through a casino to get to the party. Guess what most casinos don’t allow: bikinis. If you’re caught walking in without a coverup, you’re likely going to get denied entry.

Do: Invest in a stylish cover up.

Whether you opt for a maxi dress or a traditional cover-up is up to you; however, a quality cover up will let you enter a venue while looking great. The key thing to remember here is that you don’t need to opt for sexy. Instead, look for something that’s flowy and flirty to keep you cool in the summer heat. Look at H&M for quality cover ups that won’t break the bank. 

Men’s Apparel

Don’t: Show up in athletic wear

We totally get that you have that one shirt you absolutely love when you go to the gym. We have those too! However, those clothes are going to get you turned away from the party extremely quickly. Venues want to host men who look like they care about how they’re dressed and won’t think twice about turning someone away. 

Don’t: Go Translucent

We get that you have all the right equipment, but we don’t want to see it! If you come wearing anything that’s too short or see-through, you’re going to get turned away. 

Don’t: Wear tennis shoes or dress shoes.

We don’t know why you would wear the latter but definitely see many people in the former. Skip the tennis shoes this time so you can ensure your entry into the party.

Do: Sport board shorts with a tank or t-shirt.

Look, this classic look is never going to go out of style, so take the time to invest in a quality tank or v-neck t-shirt. You’ll find boardshorts are the preferred clothing item for men as well because they tend to be just the right length. Need to update your cute pool party outfits? Try the Quicksilver store for fun options.

Do: Wear flip-flops or boat shoes

Flip-flops and boat shoes are the accepted method of footwear for most venues in regard to men. They allow you to stay looking sharp while being comfortable as well. You can find both at Billabong.

Do not wear/bring

Below you will find a list of clothing not allowed according to the Las Vegas pool party dress code:

  • Athleticwear or jerseys
  • Basketball shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Jeans
  • Four-pack tanks or undershirts

Vegas pool party outfits should be fun, flirty, and comfortable, but you need to keep dress codes in mind when looking to see what to wear at a Vegas pool party. There’s no reason to risk not being able to get into a party because you’re not wearing the right clothes, so dress to impress with cute pool party outfits everyone will love. Packed a little light or selected the wrong thing? We’ve got you covered. Simply stop by the Miracle Mile Shops to find the right clothing items for your party! We hope our suggestions have helped you decide what to wear to a Vegas pool party.

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