How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget

There are very few things in this life that are as great as traveling, and what better place to travel to than the Neon Capital of the World, Las Vegas. But thinking about traveling and actually traveling are two very different things, and often many of us think that the idea of being able to get to Las Vegas is simply too out-of-scope.

But being able to travel today has changed so much and the options of doing so without breaking the bank have just expanded. In this short article we will go through how to travel to Las Vegas on a budget, some fun things to do in Las Vegas on a budget, and some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas on a budget that you can try out.

Why Las Vegas?

Why should you consider Las Vegas in the first place? You’ve probably thought of going to other areas around the country that have some sort of renown, like New York or Los Angeles. But what sets Las Vegas apart is its unique characteristic of being able to meet all the different things you look for in other cities in just one location?

Looking for the nightlife that can only be characterized by the City that Never Sleeps? Las Vegas can stand toe-to-toe with New York’s nightlife, offering high-stakes casino games, live shows, and unique experiences throughout the night. Thinking of hitting up a few of the hottest restaurants in town? Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants that set up shop in a city that they know will appreciate a diverse palette. Don’t worry, we will include some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas on a budget for you to try!

You can even indulge in some quality retail therapy by visiting Miracle Mile Shops, which houses not just familiar stores like Urban Outfitters and Footlocker, but one-of-a-kind stores like DeRubois’ Art Gallery which showcases contemporary art for your home. No matter what your interests may be, there are sure to be fun things to do in Las Vegas on a budget to make your vacation memorable. For example, book your tickets to shows and smaller performances in advance and take advantage of all the free things to do in Las Vegas to allow you to maximize your experience. Make sure to check out our other posts for more ideas on what to do during your stay in Vegas depending on the season or occasion for travel.

How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget

But getting to and enjoying your time in Las Vegas can get expensive quickly, and if you’re reading this you likely aren’t keen on paying an arm and leg. With some planning and a little discipline, you can however experience most of what Las Vegas has to offer without necessarily breaking the bank. With the next 6 tips, you can learn how to travel to Las Vegas on a budget and still have a great time.

How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget: Pack Light (and Efficiently)

One of the best ways to travel to Las Vegas on a budget is to simply bring less with you on the trip. The immediate savings you’ll see on your travel if you decide to pack lighter should not be underestimated. While you might be worried about not having a specific thing with you on your trip, like that jacket you like or your favorite pair of boots, you’d be far better off picking just what you need for Las Vegas’ climate and urban environment.

The benefits of packing light are two-fold. First, you’ll have less stress lugging your items around when you decide to pack light. Secondly, and most importantly for those of you on a budget, you’re likely to pay much less on baggage fees for your travels as well as afford smaller accommodations by packing less (such as keeping your baggage to carry-on amounts). Carriers can charge large amounts for excess baggage over your allowance, and even certain transportation modes on land will require additional payment for big pieces of baggage.

Packing light can mean different things for different people, but some key pointers to have is to take advantage of lightweight clothing such as packable ponchos and puffer jackets for the colder nights in Las Vegas, as well keeping clothes packed to a minimum with importance on comfy shoes and undergarments. Take note that any additional items can simply be bought at malls like the Miracle Mile Shops, such as travel toiletries and disposable goods.

How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget: Keep an Eye Out for Airline Sales

Speaking of carrier charges, a key tip for traveling to Las Vegas on a budget is to ensure that the prices you pay won’t take up more than half of your budget. You can do this by making sure to book early and to book smart. Airlines have become a lot smarter in the past few years, integrating customized pricing that can take advantage of your online identity to give you a price they believe you’re likely to take. Often this means a profit-maximizing system for them, which will mean you can likely get a cheaper price with a few tricks.

To be able to do fun things in Las Vegas on a budget, getting the best deal on your air travel costs is key. You can try to schedule your trips during off-seasons when prices usually start dipping and airlines begin to sell seats for much lower than they usually go for. You can also begin hunting around online with friends to take advantage of group rate discounts, which can give you both company as well as a lighter expense on travel.

How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget: Plan Out Your Trip and Accommodations

Alongside planning your trip early, it’s also helpful to plan out your accommodations just as early to get the best deal on your stay. You can do this by following a similar process to how you likely booked a plane ride; book on off-seasons, and try to find some group discount rates to help you split the costs between friends and family.

A handy tip here is to book your accommodations near the main attractions you might be visiting. For example, Planet Hollywood is connected to the Miracle Mile Shops, which gives you access to key retail stores, fantastic dining options, and different types of entertainment regularly available. With this, you can even dine out on a budget in Las Vegas as you won’t necessarily need to travel far to get some good food. Great selections in this area for the best restaurants in Las Vegas on a budget include Buffalo Wild Wings, and Nacho Daddy.

How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget: Set Spending Limits

To be able to do fun things in Las Vegas on a budget, you’ll need to have a set-out spending plan for your trip. Now, this isn’t meant to hamper the amount of fun you’ll be having on your vacation but rather deals with the personal control aspect of your budget travel plans.

We can set out all these different tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget but if you end up spending most of your money anyway getting carried away with everything you end up seeing, then all your planning will be for nothing.

We know that budgeting can be constricting, but instead of putting strict budgets on everything, try creating budget pools for different activities. If you find that you’re not spending as much on one activity and too much on another, simply move the budget around accordingly. The idea here is to keep your overall budget to a minimum below your maximum available spend (it’s always a good idea to have a little margin of safety in case of emergencies.

Final Tips on How to Travel to Las Vegas on a Budget

Traveling shouldn’t be so stressful that you’ll need to carve out parts of your bank account just to do so. If you’re patient and crafty, you’ll be able to find a trip plan that suits your budget and your needs. We hope we provided you with some insights on how to travel to Las Vegas on a budget, some fun things to do in Las Vegas on a budget, and some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas on a budget that you can try out. Just remember to plan and to plan efficiently; take just what you need for the trip and get the best deals you can!

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