The Best Las Vegas Festivals

For those longing for the feeling of roaring music, headbanging to your favorite artists, and being surrounded by others who are passionate about the same music as you, Las Vegas is an ideal destination for festival aficionados. Over the years, Las Vegas festivals become a major part of the community, uniting both locals and visitors of the city in their love for music. From popular Las Vegas festivals like Life is Beautiful and EDC, to newer Vegas festivals like Lovers and Friends and When We Were Young, there are plenty of Las Vegas festivals to choose from across every genre.

When We Were Young

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, Oct. 21- Sunday, Oct. 22
Festival Grounds: Las Vegas Festival Grounds

When planning your trip around upcoming festivals in Las Vegas, the When We Were Young Festival offers a unique experience for those looking to reminisce on their favorite singalongs from their angsty teenage years. Featuring pop punk bands from the early 2000s like Green Day, Blink 182, and Thirty Seconds to Mars, When We Were Young festival in Vegas sold out immediately and has added a second date to its festival for this year. Older millennials can catch music from some of their favorite emo bands. For more information regarding the festival and tickets, please visit

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Life is Beautiful

2023 Festival Date: Friday, Sept. 22- Sunday, Sept. 24
Festival Grounds: Downtown Las Vegas

Located in downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful is returning to Las Vegas for its 10-year anniversary and is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming festivals in Las Vegas! Bigger, bolder, and just as beautiful, plan your trip to Las Vegas around one of the largest music festivals in Las Vegas. From past hit performances from Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, and The Killers, Life is Beautiful is one of the highest energy festivals in Vegas. Life is Beautiful allows those visiting Las Vegas to get a real feel of downtown Las Vegas, stretching 18 city blocks within the heart of Las Vegas. Not only does the festival offer the best in live show-stopping entertainment, but also takes it a step further with its art and culinary activations as well. For more information regarding Life is Beautiful and what you can expect from attending, please visit

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Lovers and Friends

2023 Festival Date: May 6
Festival Grounds: Las Vegas Festival Grounds

When it comes to festivals in Vegas, the Lovers and Friends festival has become one of the most popular festivals in Las Vegas over the last few years. With hit performances by Snoop Dogg, Usher, Ludacris and more, Lovers and Friends is perfect for those looking for late 90s, early 2000s R&B festivals in Las Vegas. The Lovers and Friends festival lineup this year will feature performances by R&B legends Usher, Nelly, Flo Rida, Mariah Carey and more. When trying to decide on which of the upcoming festivals in Las Vegas to plan your trip around, Lovers and Friends will feature rare and throwback performances all day long. For more information, please visit

iHeart Radio Festival

2023 Festival Date: Friday, Sept. 23- Saturday, Sept. 24
Festival Grounds: T- Mobile Arena

When the first iHeart Radio festival took place in 2011, it welcomed to the stage the likes of many successful artists such as Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and The Black-Eyed Peas. Being one of the most successful festivals in Las Vegas, the iHeart Radio Festival is held every September and features top radio artists along with rising artists as well. The lineup consists of artists who are ruling the radio world of rap, pop, country and more. For more information regarding the iHeart Radio Festival, please visit

Sick New World

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, May 13
Festival Grounds: Las Vegas Festival Grounds

In search of upcoming festivals in Las Vegas? Set to debut for the very first time at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, the Sick New World festival invites all who’s favorite music genre is hard-rock, nu-metal, metal, and more to one of the most highly anticipated upcoming festivals in Las Vegas. Sick New World’s initial lineup will see the likes of System of a Down, Korn, incubus, Papa Roach and many more. The lineup will bring a sense of nostalgic old rock memories with newer bands to help you make new memories. Further details regarding the Sick New World festival, please visit

EDC Las Vegas

2023 Festival Date: Friday, May 19, Saturday, May 20, Sunday, May 21
Festival Grounds: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Looking for exciting Vegas festivals? EDC Las Vegas has become one of the most popular festivals in Las Vegas since its beginning. Taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Electric Daisy Carnival brings everything you love about pyrotechnics and live EDM performances to life with each of its stages representing a distinct joining of technology and nature. Under the electric sky, EDC welcomes all to celebrate love, art, and life, where everyone dances together to the same beat. At EDC, you can also find translucid 3D superstructures and other colorful environments which is a vital part of the experience. Along with the art, festival goers can also ride on EDC carnival rides and frolic around its oversized playground. For more information regarding one the best festivals in Vegas, please visit

Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival

Festival Date: Thursday, May 26, Friday, May 27, Saturday, May 28, Sunday, May 29
Festival Grounds: Downtown Las Vegas

One of the longest-lasting festivals in Vegas spanning over 24 years with its inaugural festival taking place in 1999, the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival is one of the best festivals in Vegas. There is only one festival where you can find gambling, comedy, epic pool parties, buffets, bowling and of course, one of the most unrivaled punk rock music festivals in Vegas. The initial festival saw a total of 27 teams participate in bowling with now up to 200 teams participating this year. Featuring more than 100 bands, expect to see some of the top artists in the punk rock music scene such as Bad Religion, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys and more. There will be a total of 42 bands playing across its two stages with 7 bands playing each day. The festival is open to attendees of all ages with kids under 8 able to attend for free. More details regarding the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival can be found on their website

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We here at Miracle Mile Shops hope this guide to the upcoming festivals in Las Vegas has helped you plan which festival is best for you to attend. Las Vegas is home to a plethora of entertainment, and music festivals are one of the best ways to make memories in Las Vegas like never before.