Where to Find the Best Autumn Drinks in Las Vegas


As temperatures in Las Vegas start to cool down (especially when compared to the scorching summer heat), tourists continue visiting Las Vegas to enjoy world-class dining and entertainment. In fact, fall can be one of the more popular times to visit Las Vegas because the weather is still enjoyable and the sun is still shining when other parts of the U.S. slip into rainy autumn days. Who doesn’t want to take a long weekend and stroll along canals, snap a picture at the Bellagio fountain, and shop at the 1.2 miles of storefronts located in Miracle Mile Shops?

If you’re thinking about heading to Las Vegas this fall, be sure to brush up on the best fall beverages to try during your stay. We’ve compiled a list of the top autumn drinks at some of our favorite bars located right downtown. To get started, let’s first review what goes into those delicious fall cocktails.  

Common Alcohol and Mixers for Fall Beverages

During the winter months, many people prefer to switch from fruity drinks to classic fall flavors like apple, cinnamon, pear, pumpkin, and ginger. Cocktail connoisseurs know that fall beverages are typically made with a few staple types of alcohol, including:

  • Vodka
  • Whiskey (rye or bourbon)
  • Spiced rum

In our bar-specific recommendations below, look for drinks using these alcohol options.

Here are a few additional tips for fun flavors or other interesting ingredients to add that will make your fall alcoholic beverages even better. Whether you’re mixing drinks at home or headed out to a legendary bar at Miracle Mile Shops, ask your bartender if they’ll add something special to your fall beverage. 

  • Add maple syrup! This fall-inspired additive can take the place of simple syrup or other ingredients that bring sweetness to the cocktail. 
  • Amp up apple flavors with a healthy splash of cider, which goes amazingly well with many types of alcohol. 
  • A splash of ginger beer brings a refreshing flavor. The spicy, carbonated mixer is great on its own or added to vodka. 

Alright, enough with the bartending tips and on to our top recommendations for the best autumn drinks in Las Vegas! 

Top Fall Alcoholic Beverages to Try in Las Vegas 

Tipsy Robot

No article about where to find fitting fall beverages in Las Vegas is complete without mentioning the Tipsy Robot. This bar has truly reinvented the way drinks are ordered, made, and imagined. Bar patrons can order from a huge selection of different liqueurs, alcohols, and mixers to craft a unique fall cocktail that’s all their own. Once the order is placed, two robotic arms get to work by precisely measuring, mixing, shaking, stirring, and serving the drinks. 

Because the possibilities and combinations are basically endless, we’ve decided to make things a little bit easier on you with our top recommendations for 3 popular fall drinks that you can order from the menu or use for your own twist:

  • Order a classic manhattan but with a simple twist, add the Crown Royal Apple! 
  • The “de-commissioned” drink is perfect for fall with whisky, a touch of orange and the classic Italian liqueur Averna. Blend together the savory and slightly sweet flavors of fall in this Tipsy Robot original. 
  • A whiskey sour might sound like it will make your lips pucker, but it’s actually an exceptionally smooth cocktail with a refreshing lemon flavor that still lets the whisky flavor shine through. 


In addition to being renowned for amazing food that’s served in a tapas format, Flights also features an outstanding cocktail menu. Below are some of our top choices for the best fall beverages that you can order at Flights directly from a menu with their customized recipes.

  • A hand crafted old-fashioned offers a mildly fruity flavor that’s not too strong, but invites you to savor it for hours. 
  • Moscow mules are one of the most popular fall beverages. Typically served in a chilled copper mug, the mule from Flights is a crisp, refreshing, and wonderfully bright drink that balances smooth vodka with a hint of lime and ginger beer, making it perfect for all-night sipping while enjoying tapas-style food with friends.
  • The Smoke Show cocktail has a name that’s reminiscent of a late-night fall bonfire. This strong drink has a whisky-forward flavor that’s softened by Luxor, a cherry liqueur that’ll remind you of later summer and early fall fruit picking. 
  • Side Car is a classic cocktail that seamlessly blends cognac and the harvest flavors of Grand Marnier and orange. 

No matter where you end up sitting down for a fall beverage, we’re confident that you’ll find something to love after a full day of shopping and shows right in Miracle Mile Shops. Don’t forget to check out our constantly changing offers on the sales and promotions page for more information.

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