10 of the Best Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas might be true for some things, but when it comes to body art, that doesn’t stay here.  In a city where you can find tattoo shops around every corner, it may be difficult to select a tattoo shop and artist to get your next tattoo. Many people who travel the world love to grab themselves a memento or souvenir that reminds them of the city they’re visiting. For more creative folks, tattooing and decorating their body is how they’d like to remember their trip. Whether you’re vacationing in Las Vegas and searching for your next piece, or you’ve spent months planning your design and need to find someone you trust to turn it into reality, finding the best tattoo shops in Vegas can be tough.

One thing you’ll find about Las Vegas is the abundance of insanely talented artists ready to get started on your next design. If you are searching for a high-quality walk-in tattoo shop in Las Vegas or looking to schedule your appointment before you arrive, this guide provides a list of the 10 best tattoo shops in Las Vegas and can help you find what works best for you.

Top Tattoo Shop in Miracle Mile Shops

Club Tattoo

First on the list of best tattoo shops in Vegas is Club Tattoo. Located within the Miracle Mile Shops, guests can experience tattoos like never before. Club Tattoo, co-owned by the late lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, opened its first Las Vegas location at Miracle Mile Shops. Many celebrities have gotten tattoos from Miracle Mile Shops’ Club Tattoo, including Jonah Hill, Steve Aoki, Slash, Guy Fieri, Chrissy Metz, Simone Biles, and Bennington himself.  Club Tattoo offers a unique experience for Miracle Mile Shops guests who have a sudden urge for a tattoo session, a new piercing, and even high-quality jewelry. Club Tattoo is one of the most favored tattoo shops in Las Vegas, offering world-class tattoos as a leader in the tattoo industry in Las Vegas. From artistic integrity and safety to its dazzling studios, Club Tattoo and its world-class tattoo artists are ready to serve you.

Top Walk-In Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

West Coast Tattoo

Located just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, West Coast Tattoo offers high-quality tattoos with award-winning artists experienced in many different artistic styles. As a vacationer in Las Vegas, sometimes a tattoo isn’t always planned. Luckily for you, West Coast Tattoo Shop is one of the best walk-in tattoo shops in Las Vegas. West Coast Tattoo Parlor’s talented tattoo artists are renowned for their work, specializing in black and gray, color, traditional, portraits, lettering, scroll, geometric, and coverups. Looking for a quick stop before you fly home? West Coast Tattoo Parlor can offer the perfect tattoo you’ve always wanted!

Basilica Tattoo

Basilica Tattoo features world-renowned artists who have joined together to provide a body art experience like no other. Basilica Tattoo offers both walk-ins and appointments and is one of the top walk-in tattoo shops in Las Vegas. Basilica Tattoo’s main goal is to provide a memorable experience with art brought to life. With the highest level of professionalism and artistry, Basilica Tattoo is one the most reliable tattoo shops in Las Vegas you can visit while vacationing in Las Vegas. If you are in search of a new tattoo, cover-up, rework or adding on to a piece you already have, Basilica Tattoo is ready to bring your ideas to life. Located near the Las Vegas Strip, Basilica Tattoo is perfect for those looking for a quick walk-in tattoo shop in Las Vegas to add some new ink to their body commemorating their trip to Las Vegas.

Revolt Tattoos

Located inside the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip, Revolt Tattoos produces some of the best art pieces and is one of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas. With multiple locations around the United States, Revolt Tattoos has had the support of the Las Vegas community since opening in 2014. Revolt Tattoos also offers other unique experiences within its studio, such as body piercings. With elite craftsmanship and innovation, those in search of their next tattoo should check out Revolt Tattoos when debating on which tattoo shops to visit.

Skin Design Tattoo

When deciding on the best tattoo parlors in Las Vegas to visit while traveling to Las Vegas, start your journey with one of the most popular tattoo places in Las Vegas, Skin Design Tattoo. Rated one of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Skin Design Tattoo is recognized worldwide as one of the finest tattoo places in Vegas. Filled with skilled and qualified tattoo artists ready to fill your spontaneous tattoo needs while in Las Vegas, Skin Design Tattooists are ready to answer any of your questions and deliver on your exact designs and requests.

Sleeping Tiger Tattoo

With walk-ins more than welcome, Sleeping Tiger Tattoo is one of the leading walk-in tattoo shops Las Vegas has to offer. Sleeping Tiger Tattoo studio is filled with expert tattooists who strive to bring your art designs to life on your body. Featuring a guaranteed safe and clean studio, Sleeping Tiger Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas.

Best Tattoo Parlors in Las Vegas off the Strip

Innervisions Tattoo

Looking to explore outside of the Las Vegas Strip? Consistently rated as one of the best tattoo places in Las Vegas, Innervisions Tattoo Parlor, works hard and puts its clients first. Whether you are searching for walk-in tattoo shops in Las Vegas or looking to book your appointment in advance of your trip to Las Vegas, Innervisions Tattoo offers everyone the best tattoo experience possible. Located near the Las Vegas Strip, all Innervisions Tattoo artists are hand selected for their talent and abilities. What makes Innervisions so special compared to other tattoo shops in Las Vegas? It is the only fully custom tattoo shop that offers customers from all over the world diverse styles of tattooing. Innervisions Tattoo understands that many of its clients are from out of town, so it is important to protect the longevity of your tattoo. For those preparing their tattoo plans in advance, Innervisions Tattoo offers free consultations online, so once you land in Las Vegas, you’re ready for your next installment of fresh ink.

Downtown Tattoo

Right in the middle of Fremont Street, Downtown Tattoo specializes in black and grey realism, photo color realism, and other additional designs your heart desires. When debating the best walk-in tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Downtown Tattoo welcomes walk-ins and all their creativity to its studio. Looking for one of the best tattoo places in Vegas off the Strip?  Downtown Tattoo is just the place for you! Downtown Tattoo prides itself on its expertise in giving you the best artwork possible.

Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery

Looking for same-day appointments before you return home from your trip to Las Vegas? Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery offers same-day appointments for those in a rush to get some quick Vegas ink. For those who are indecisive on the exact tattoo they would like to get, Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery offers a variety of different designs but specialize in small, detailed tattoo art and fun cartoon-like styles as well. When browsing for tattoo places in Vegas, Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery is the perfect place for Las Vegas visitors to schedule an appointment and get tattooed the same day.

Black Spade Tattoo and Permanent Makeup

In the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Black Spade Tattoo and Permanent Makeup is a standout tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. Black Spade Tattoo attracts clients who search for high-quality tattoos regardless of design. What makes Black Spade Tattoo so unique amongst its competition is its permanent cosmetics studio. At Black Spade Tattoos, not only can you receive some of the hottest ink in Las Vegas, but you can have permanent makeup work done as well. Tired of putting on makeup every morning? Black Spade’s team of talented artists are ready to do anything they can to make your experience a positive one. From one-inch tattoos to full body art, Black Spade Tattoo prides itself on quality work for each individual person.

We hope that this guide has given you expert guidance on where to get your next tattoo while visiting Las Vegas!

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