Must See Las Vegas Magic Shows

Las Vegas isn’t all about casinos and showgirls glittering in the spotlight. There are a growing number of magicians stealing the spotlight, and some of the best Las Vegas magic shows are family friendly. Some shows will transport you to new worlds with state-of-the-art technology and throw in a trick or two. Others deliver old-fashioned one-man magic shows in intimate theaters with lots of help from the audience.

The question isn’t whether you should make room for a magic show on your Las Vegas itinerary. It’s which show you should pick, and we’re going to help you answer that question right now. We put together a list of 10 outstanding Las Vegas magic shows with all the information you need to pick the best one for your group.

1. Penn & Teller Live at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Penn and Teller put on a show like no other. With over 40 years of experience on the stage together, the duo is known for punchy acts with a fun blend of hilarious comedy and lighthearted magic. The team consists of a chatty tall man and a silent short man who play off one another’s differences amazingly well. They blend the magic into the humor and overall show, so expect to be caught off guard by something unusual or unexpected from time to time.

Penn and Teller Live is one of the best family friendly magic shows in Vegas. Make sure to hang out in the lobby after the show because the stars are known to make an appearance and even pose for pictures and a few laughs with their guests.

Length: 90 minutes

Age Requirements: 5 and up

2. David Copperfield at MGM Grand

If you want to catch one of the best magic shows in Vegas and see one of the greatest magicians of our times, make sure to catch David Copperfield live at the MGM Grand. He’s performed some of the biggest and most magical feats of all time, including appearing to walk through the Great Wall of China and cutting himself in half with a laser. He even willingly dropped into Niagara Falls in a raft with his arms and legs chained and a restrained body.

His live Las Vegas magic show isn’t quite as dramatic as those highlights from the magician’s career. What you can expect is jaw-dropping acts of wonder that will leave you questioning what you really saw for hours, if not days, afterward.

Length: 90 minutes

Age Requirements: 5 and up

3. Nathan Burton Magic Show at Miracle Mile Shops

If you’re looking for an unforgettable magical experience in Las Vegas, be sure to catch the magic show in Las Vegas by Nathan Burton at Miracle Mile Shops. If Nathan Burton looks a bit familiar when he takes the Las Vegas stage, it’s likely because you watch or have seen clips of the television show America’s Got Talent. Nathan made a grand appearance on the first season of the show but was given the big thumbs down and booted off to a stellar career on the stage in Las Vegas. He now has one of the most popular family friendly magic shows in Las Vegas, and it’s open to all ages.

What makes the show so amazing isn’t the amazing magic or even the incredible comedy thrown into the show. It’s the welcoming and upbeat personality of Nathan himself. He shows why he’s one of the best magical acts in Vegas with each show.

Length: 75 minutes

Age Requirements: None

4. Criss Angel Mindfreak Live at Planet Hollywood

Don’t miss out on the magic show in Las Vegas featuring Criss Angel’s Mindfreak. Criss Angel is such a big deal that Planet Hollywood named one of their theaters in his honor. It’s more like a theatrical production with a pre-show that dives into the history of Criss Angel, hilarious side characters, dancers, DJs, 3D effects, and even some explosive pyrotechnic landscapes to pull you out of Las Vegas and into a magical world that you may never want to leave.

Many think of the Chriss Angel show as the goth magic show in Las Vegas, but it’s a pure comedy that your entire family or group of friends can enjoy. Make sure the little ones are at least 10 years old before booking tickets for this Las Vegas magician show.

Length: 90 minutes

Age Requirements: 10 and up

5. The Mike Hammer Show at Four Queens Hotel & Casino

While the Mike Hammer Show is open to guests at least 13 years of age, parents and guardians should use their own judgment when taking the family to this Las Vegas magician show. Mike is known for pulling members of the audience into the show, so it’s an immersive experience for those who are selected to help the magician out. With a blend of comedy and magic, you can expect everything from pranks and gags to mind-reading adventures when you step into this unique Las Vegas magic show.

While the humor isn’t downright dirty, there are the occasional references and innuendos that make the age requirement necessary. This is a fun magic show for those with older children, teenagers, or a group of adults.

Length: 70 minutes

Age Requirements: 13 and up

6. Piff the Magic Dragon at Flamingo Hotel

They say you can see just about anything in Las Vegas, and this is the magic show to prove that statement. The stars include a not-so-frightening magic dragon and his chihuahua sidekick. Does it get any more creative or unusual than that? The theater is on the small side, placing the audience close enough to the action to see every magic act up close. Oh, and there’s quite a bit of humor in this show, so get ready to laugh.

There is a higher age limit on this show than many other Las Vegas magician shows. The humor is suitable for older children and teens, but you want to keep the little ones away from this magical dragon.

Length: 75 minutes

Age Requirements:  13 and up

7. Shin Lim: Limitless at The Mirage

Shin Lim: Limitless is one of the most popular magic shows in Las Vegas, and seats sell out quickly when they go on sale. The star has earned international acclaim and is well-known for his graceful execution of some of the most interesting magic tricks to hit the town in a long time. What makes the show unique is the addition of mindreading into the show. Perhaps they’ll know what you think before you even open your mouth, so keep those thoughts clean as you enter the theater.

Length: Undetermined

Price: 5 and up

8. Awakening at Wynn Las Vegas

When you can’t decide between a Las Vegas magic show and a theatrical performance, go see Awakening at Wynn. The 360-degree theater was built just for this unique experience, and it’s far more than your standard magic show. It is a stunning theatrical performance, complete with characters you can’t help but adore and spectacular costumes, plus a narrator and producers. The tricks and magical stunts are in there, but you get a full show with a storyline to go with them.

Length: 75 minutes

Age Requirements: 5 and up

9. The Magic of Jen Kramer at Westgate Resort and Casino

If you noticed that the best magic shows in Las Vegas are dominated by men, you aren’t alone. Jen Kramer is one of the few females to break onto the stage, and she offers some of the most entertaining magic tricks that you can enjoy with your family in tow. She’s an award-winning magician who loves to chat with her audience and get everyone fired up for a spectacular show. While she doesn’t offer the flashiest setting or the most spectacular technology, her tricks will have you on the edge of your seat with your hands clapping for more.

Length: 75 minutes

Age Requirements: 4 and up

10. Dinmare’s Martinis and Magic at the Mint

Step into the lounge, put your hand around a fresh martini glass, and get ready for one of the most entertaining magic shows in Las Vegas for adults. It will take you back to classic, old-school Vegas while dishing out some amazing tricks that will make you say, “how’d they do that?” While it doesn’t take place right on the strip, it’s just minutes away and delivers some of the best magic, comedy, and showmanship in the area. It even brings in a hula girl, and she can twirl and hoop with the best of them.

This is an adult show that comes with one drink per ticket. You can get VIP tickets to enjoy a meet and greet with the stars, plus other perks.

Length: 70 minutes

Age Requirements: 21 and up

Selecting the Best Las Vegas Magician Show for Your Group

Most magic shows in Las Vegas are guaranteed to deliver a few laughs and good times with perhaps a drink or two. When selecting the right show for your group, check for age limits or recommended age groups first. You don’t want to walk into an adult-oriented magic show with your children in tow or select a show that’s too tame for your rowdy group of young adults.

Once you find a couple of shows suitable for your group’s age range, look at the size of the theatre hosting each show. Smaller locations have limited seating but allow more intimacy in the show, increasing your chances of getting selected for audience participation. If you don’t want to worry about getting pulled onto the stage, look for larger theaters with less intimate show settings.

Finally, you can consider factors like ticket availability, location, and price. The best magic shows tend to sell out, so reserve your seats as soon as possible.